Gonzo’s Coral Frags was started because of a love of the hobby and the understanding that reef conservation is of utmost importance. We believe that stocking your tank with tank raised frags is the best way to be successful. Because they have been grown out in a tank they are much healthier and survive shipping easier than a wild picked coral. Also because frags can be less expensive than a mother colony they will be easier to afford and trade among hobbyists. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful, colorful corals that we have to offer!! If you have any questions or comments please look at the contact page.


All coral are WYSIWYG

5 day guarantee on all corals, order with confidence!  (credit only, no refunds)

If you don’t see it, we still may have it. We have 100’s of coral not on the site. Free free to contact us.

Group buy discounts available!

Please understand that these are what the corals look like, and grow like in our systems. Corals may change under different lighting and flow schemes.

We feed our corals Fauna Marin & Reef Nutrition products, along with use Seachem products on all our systems.

All pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot G9 camera with underwater housing.